eMusic are good, depending what you want – and getting better

After hearing about eMusic on Coverville back in September, I thought I’d give it a shot and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The service has a monthly fee, but it’s not your average subscription service – you get to download each purchase as a DRM-free MP3. At the end of my trial period, I’d downloaded one full CD and a few of other tracks from a second CD so I paid for the basic subscription in order to get the rest. This sequence continues every month, so now I have 100+ songs downloaded and I can still see a few more I want πŸ˜€

The subscription is cheap. If you use this Coverville link you get 25 free downloads to start with, and after that it’s US$10, $15 or $20 a month for 30/60/75 downloads respectively, 20% discount if you sign up for a year. I must apologise for not posting this earlier – 4 weeks ago ago they announced that their monthly download limits for each plan were dropping – it used to be 40/65/90 and the yearly discount was 25%. Luckily existing customers aren’t affected, so I still get 40 for $10 πŸ˜‰

I thought about posting at the time, but I didn’t even find time to use my 40 downloads in November so that should give you some idea of how busy I’ve been 😦

I’ve had a lot of fun with this and found some nice surprises. I’ve not only made a dent in songs that I wanted from podsafe artists, I’ve found a few mainstream albums that I wouldn’t have picked up normally except they’re so damn cheap on here!

Here’s my collection, in order of purchase with eMusic links and a little explanation.

  • Rodrigo y Gabriela – Self Titled and a live album. If you haven’t heard this pair, you are seriously missing out – the music they can produce with nothing but two guitars is insane.
    (edit: my apologies, it seems they’ve been removed from eMusic. Such a shame!)
  • Danko Jones – Sleep is the Enemy. These guys are next up on my list of artists to feature, DAMN this is a good solid rock album. “First Date” is the song they conquered the podosphere with, it and many others are on the Podsafe Music Network.
  • Supersuckers (NSFW album title). I only wanted 2 tracks that have been popular on the PMN, #1 and 6 from that link. The rest of the album is a bit meh.
  • The Shakes – Liberty Jones (single track from the EP). Fantastic, fantastic song that I’ve featured and is (quite rightly) immensely popular on podcasts. You can see my review on eMusic, and the iTunes review mentions
    podcasts too πŸ˜›
  • Beau Hall – Unh!. “Super Hot Lady Cop” has been played on many many podcasts along with “Oh Face”, and will be on my featured artist list sometime in the future. Full tracks on the PMN.
  • Coldplay – Brothers and Sisters. Coldplay’s debut 3-track EP that I didn’t know existed, it’s interesting to hear where it all started.
  • Lamb – What Sound and Between Darkness and Wonder. I’ve loved Lamb for a very long time, never got around to buying their third album and couldn’t help but pick up their fourth at the same time.
  • The White Stripes – Elephant. Fairly self explanatory popular mainstream artist, I’ll probably pick up one of their other albums next month too.
  • Black Lab – See the Sun. Simply an amazing album, the title track along with “Ecstasy” are the popular ones on the PMN.


My only problem with this service is at 25-33c a song they can’t be giving much to the artists. For this reason the only independant music I’m buying is stuff that I wouldn’t buy normally (because I’m not totally sure if I will like it), as well as singles and CDs that I can’t order easily online.

It’s a damn good deal if you can find songs you want, and you can cancel at any time (even during the free trial). I highly recommend heading over and checking it out – even if you only sign up for the free trial to give Brian (Coverville host) a $6 kickback πŸ˜‰

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