A month ago, Madman (huge Anime distributor in Australia) had their 10th birthday sale. All in stock DVDs, including box sets, for $10 a disc plus $4 shipping total. That’s Australian dollars, so a little under $8 US at the current exchange rate. Being a huge Anime fan, I couldn’t resist.

I ended up with 2 series that I’ve been meaning to buy for years, a third that I’ve wanted since it finished last year as well as 2 seasons of another that I know is good. Plus 6 movies.

They arrived today. I uploaded a full size photo, rather than going into details here you’ll have to hit the larger size to read all the titles 😛

Stacks of Anime

My flatmate wanted in on the deal, so he got the first 3 box sets of Kensin. Unfortunately that wouldn’t fit in the main box so they came in a second box.


Nice early Christmas present to myself, and with the Nintendo Wii launching here on Thursday I’ve got enough to keep me occupied for quite a while 😀