Recently comment spam has been spiralling out of control. I get hundreds of them a day, which means that if some poor sucker sets it off (I find trackbacks very easily trigger the filter) I’m unlikely to find them.

I’ve noticed a pattern though. 90% of all spam in my akismet list is either a post full of links, or a post full of URLs using [url] forum tags. A quick and easy solution to my problem would be an extension of an existing option, something that I don’t think would be very hard to do.

Right now, wordpress lets me specify a maximum number of links allowed in a comment before it’s held for moderation. What I propose is a similar filter for “get the hell away from my blog you dirty spammer”. It would be a similar maximum number of links (a default of 5 or 10 should do it) and any triggered comment completely bypasses the akismet admin page, it’s just deleted (like the blacklist).

I tried sending feedback about this, but the support guy told me he wanted it too and I should make a post. Hopefully the admins are listening, I’ll add some extra technorati hooks and see if I get any bites 😉

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