I meant to post this on the weekend, so unfortunately you won’t have much time after reading this.  March 22nd is the day I’m asking you to buy a song on iTunes for a worthwhile cause.

Bum Rush The Charts is an initiative to show the recording industry that we’re taking back control of our music.  Word is spreading via Podcasts, Blogs, MySpace, etc that we’re going to get an independent artist, a band who was dropped from their recording contract, to #1 on iTunes.  50% of all revenue the band receives will go to college scholarships, and if you use the link below the Apple’s 5% affiliate fee will be donated too.

The song is called Mine Again by Black Lab from their most recent CD release (link is NSFW, the album cover has a topless female figure drawn on it).  If the name sounds familiar, it’s because they are one of the bands I raved about in my eMusic post.  They’ve become very popular on podcasts, because they’re a damn good band.

It doesn’t matter what country you are in – the idea is to get the song, the band, and the bum rush as much exposure as possible.  Even if you don’t like the music, this is about the message.

Please click here on Thursday and buy the song.  I’m going to be buying the entire album on eMusic, but I don’t mind having 2 copies of this track.