About me

My name is Andrew Herron, and I’m a 40 year old Software Engineer.  Everyone calls me Andy, and I’ve been known amongst my online (and even some offline) friends as “Spyder” since about 1997. I grew up moving around a lot but at least spent all of my high school years at a single school, which was Atherton State High.

I spend my work days writing JavaScript/Typescript or doing tech support, and spare time playing computer / console games. I am an avid ReScript advocate. I live in Brisbane, Australia and am a Staff Software Engineer at a small but expanding software company called Tiny.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Are you my clone? And if you’re middle name is Scott, I’m going to shit myself…

    I’m also 24, web developer, and play Call of Duty 2.

    If you got AIM, hit me up at DjKrit.

  2. haha, that’s weird 😀

    My middle name is Mark, not Scott… but I work on WYSIWYG browser editors which is close enough to web development, and FPS are my favourite kind of game… 😉

  3. nice to stumble on u. some good info in ur blog…

    me 24 yrs from India . i program 🙂

    [i used to play NFS,CS, Quake3 and delta force – but these days just play OpenArena 🙂 ]

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