About me

My name is Andrew Herron, and I’m a 37 year old Software Engineer.  Everyone calls me Andy, and I’ve been known amongst my online (and even some offline) friends as “Spyder” since about 1997. I grew up moving around a lot but at least spent all of my high school years at a single school, which was Atherton State High.

I spend my work days writing JavaScript/Typescript or doing tech support, and spare time playing computer / console games. I am an avid ReasonML advocate. I live in Brisbane, Australia and am a Principal Engineer at a small but expanding software company called Tiny.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. haha, that’s weird 😀

    My middle name is Mark, not Scott… but I work on WYSIWYG browser editors which is close enough to web development, and FPS are my favourite kind of game… 😉

  2. nice to stumble on u. some good info in ur blog…

    me 24 yrs from India . i program 🙂

    [i used to play NFS,CS, Quake3 and delta force – but these days just play OpenArena 🙂 ]

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