Scoble is the new Digg

I’ve been subscribed to Scoble‘s Link Blog for close to a month now. I like it much better than something like the popular links feed because Scoble includes the full text of each article (where possible) so I don’t have to open my browser to read it.

It’s so good that I’m about to unsubscribe from most of my news feeds! Any general tech news I’m interested in is either already on his link blog, or will be there soon. He loves doing it, so my best news source is unlikely to go AWOL anytime soon.

I used to subscribe to the main Digg feed, but instead of showing front page items it just gives you all submitted entries. This was fine before the popularity took off, but the signal to noise ratio quickly became too much for me. I’ve tried subscribing to interesting feeds separately, but sifting through hundreds of posts to find stuff I’m interested in doesn’t work for me – I get distracted far too easily.

The stuff Scoble links to has a very low noise ratio, although there are plenty of posts that I’m not really interested in. But that’s why I’m comparing him to Digg – all the variety of tech news I can get from Digg with a human filter willing to take the time to give me only the stuff worth reading.

Thanks for putting your time into a great link blog Scoble, I hope you don’t get bored of it anytime soon 🙂

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