My attention stats

I think that posting FeedDemon attention stats is a cool idea, and I hope it catches on. I’ve already subscribed to Hacker News thanks to Amit’s listing (and Nick’s mention of it in his comment) – it’s always interesting to know how other people get their news and in this case it gave me a great new feed to subscribe to 🙂

As you can see, aside from a couple of games sites I get my news mostly from link blogs:

I gave up on aggregating my own news two years ago, that mentality has served me well and helped me to cope with information overload (even though I no longer subscribe to scoble’s link blog 😉 ).

I don’t use FeedDemon at home any more, so this is purely my at-work attention list. You can fairly easily see what I spend my lunch hour reading; game news and comics. NG forums are at the top partly because I participate in them but also because that is the feed with the highest traffic on my list.

One thought on “My attention stats

  1. That list is scarily similar to my own! BTW, the next FeedDemon 2.8 build will enable exporting your “Top N” feeds, so you can have an OPML of just the feeds you pay the most attention to.

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