Some of the topics I posted about last weekend have received extra attention this week.  The majority of the new discussion is related to my DRM post; I’ve put all of this on my link blog but I know of at least a few people who read my blog and don’t subscribe to the links.

Bill Harris over at Dubious Quality wrote up a nice summary of BioShock issues that covers not only the issues I experienced, but the stuff that I left out.  He also links to a Bioshock DRM article at TwitchGuru which goes into a lot of detail about the SecuROM issues and quite rightly calls this “a badly botched launch for an early contender for game of the year”.  Meanwhile, Alex from the WGA management team has posted the details of why WGA failed (I was right, they had a cascade of sysadmin mistakes) and promises to prevent it ever happening again.

In much brighter news, both Scott Sigler and JC Hutchins left comments on my 7th Son post.  As much as they love me for what I say about them, I still consider this a bit of an honor and once again proves my point about podcasters connecting with their audience 😀

While I’m on the topic of podcasters loving me, if you listen to today’s DSC you’ll hear Adam raving about a link I sent him (show timestamp 12:50) – the Opera Mini beta which is attempting to produce an iPhone-like browser for any Java enabled phone.  I highly recommend the Opera vs iPhone video, it’s hilarious 🙂