I installed my copy of FeedDemon 2.5 beta last weekend, and once again Nick has included a ton of the little improvements that I call “quality of life” features. My favourite of these so far is the ability to view flash videos that come through your RSS feeds šŸ˜€

For an example, I’m using some old Cute Overload posts that I’ve been saving because I was too lazy to open them in my browser (and I don’t use FeedDemon for browsing).

FD 2.1, note no flash videos

This is how FeedDemon 2.1 looks. Nothing particularly wrong with it, unless you’re lazy like me. I was OK with this, I figured the lack of flash videos was a security thing because that’s something Nick is quite concerned about.

FD 2.5, with flash vid :D

When I loaded up FeedDemon 2.5 however, I was greeted with the sight of videos – here’s the same screenshot in the new version. I’m also pleased with the UI fixes for Vista, Version 2.1 had far too much white (particularly on the menubar and toolbar).

I’m sure anyone using other readers will say “but reader x has supported this forever!” and that’s great, but I don’t use reader x. I use FeedDemon.