Coursera do publish my full profile, which includes courses both complete and planned – but most importantly links to the course information (although not my results).

Courses I have completed, in order:

Compilers – 84.2%

Stanford University

All of the lost marks were because I was busy with work and started the course late, missing the deadline for the first half (quizzes, deduceit problems, midterm and assignments).

Machine Learning – 100%

Stanford University

Algorithms, part 1 – 100% (no certificate)

Princeton University

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python – 95.7%

Rice University

I actually got 100%. What happened was some assignments could be submitted twice, and I took advantage of that after running out of time on the first submit due to being busy at work.

Functional Programming Principles in Scala – 100%

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Algorithms, part 2 – 100% (assignments only) (no certificate)


I did get 100% on theory up to week 5 but was too busy at work to finish them all or take the final exam.


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