A music deal worth investing in

Chance is having a sale until the 7th of Feb. I haven’t mentioned anything about music in a while, but I highly recommend picking up a CD (or two, or all four) while they’re cheap. His music is awesome, being one of the artists I discovered through podcasts you can listen to a few of his tracks on the podsafe music network. If that doesn’t convince you well just listen to them a few more times and eventually you’ll catch on 😉

I’m also telling you about this because I can’t actually participate myself. I have his first two CDs, and would love to pick up the others (especially at half price) but his store uses paypal exclusively. Paypal’s hatred of me being as well documented as it is, I’ll just have to wait until I actually get another CD Baby order together and grab them at full price.

I don’t mind, it’s totally worth it. The music is that good.

Matthew Ebel live in concert

One of my favourite artists, Matthew Ebel, has a habit of performing in Second Life.  I can’t remember the whole story, but he records all of his music digitally and at some point discovered that his setup was ideally suited to streaming an online performance.  Well, now one of his recent concerts is available in a podcast.  It’s called the Virtual Thirst Concert, performed as part of a coke advertising campaign in Second Life.  There is no lead-in voiceover, no lead-out, no interruptions.  Just two hours of great music, and some banter with people you can’t hear (because they’re chatting in Second Life 😉

If you like what you hear, and don’t pick it up from the many many times it’s mentioned during the concert, you can download more of Matthew’s life stuff at Virtual Hot Wings.  It’s a collection of songs he’s performed in Second Life, including a few concerts.  Something like 7 hours of music, for US$20.  I’d buy it myself but they only take paypal and my issues with that are more than well documented 😦

There are plenty of cover songs in the concert, which would normally be illegal; the whole thing is podcasted thanks to the Financial Aid Podcast who recently acquired ASCAP/BMI licenses to play cover music.  The first episode of their Student Loan Radio editions using the license was hosted by CC Chapman – that is also a very cool show.  With 3 episodes of what they’re calling the “Covercast” out so far it looks like the licenses will get good use which I’m looking forward to.  Unfortunately there’s no radio-only subscription feed, I may have to create one using yahoo pipes or something.  I’m not interested in the main FA podcast but cover songs from podsafe artists are right up my alley.

Totally digging Paramore

I’ve been catching up on some music podcasts this week, and once again I heard a song that I loved so much I put it at the top of my “buy this stuff you fool” list.  This happens a lot, but it’s such a good song that I can’t help myself.  I have to post about it.

I found it on an episode of StarCAST from a few weeks ago.  The track is called Misery Business, by Paramore.  Courtesy of their website, here’s the video:

YouTube has counted nearly 5.4 million views in 2 months, which does not surprise me.  I’ve watched it at least 5 times myself (including the performance edit) while looking for places to buy the album.  This track is addictive.  Reminds me of My Little Radio, who I love.

Normally, music on my list goes in eMusic’s “save for later” list, but unfortunately Fuelled By Ramen records doesn’t list any tracks on eMusic.  (This is probably a good thing, at 40 tracks a month I’ve already queued up 2 months worth of purchases).

I was slightly annoyed at having to pay $17 for the album on iTunes, then I noticed that their online store has 192kb MP3 album downloads as well as the CD shipments.  For $11.  BONUS! 😀

I’m now the proud owner of Riot!, or at least I will be if it ever downloads.  Whenever the internet goes flaky in San Francisco, we Australians really feel the pinch because that’s the area that our primary link to the world connects to.

It started out at around 20kb/sec but it’s dropped to 15 – an hour for one 60mb album download is annoying.  Maybe I’ll go watch the video a few more times…

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Now this is what I call new marketing

Last week a new marketing company (literally, that’s their tagline) called Crayon launched. Their launch party was in second life, the sort of activity which is growing in popularity but that’s more riding a new trend than defining one. No, the real story is in the details.

Take one company manifesto, and one awesome podsafe artist (who I gain more and more respect for every time I hear what he’s up to), and you end up with a song. Go ahead, flick through the manifesto and then listen to it. Interesting, yes?

I heard the advance play of the song before I heard about any of this, and mentioned it a couple of posts back thinking it was a great song but as usual, I hadn’t listened closely to the lyrics. Listening to it the second time, I was floored by how well he came up with a theme song for the company while still producing a song that stands on its own.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when, on the latest Accident Hash, CC explained why this new Matthew Ebel track was so special to him and how even he was surprised at the result. Shameless plug – he then followed it up with some of my favourite tracks and no talking at all, so there’s another reason to listen to it.

If this is the sort of new idea that Crayon can come up with, they’re going to blow everybody else out of the water. I’m looking forward to it 😀

Beatles mixed with The Clash

That’s the description CC Chapman used to describe The Shakes when he played their track “Liberty Jones” on the most recent Accident Hash. I don’t know the Beatles catalogue back to front but even I can hear their influence in this track.

One of the cool things I didn’t know is that they put this track on the PMN before doing any other promotion. Podsafe music is slowly evolving into the promotional tool that it deserves to be, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to along the way.

I’ve heard it a few times since they released it a little over a month ago, and it gets stuck in my head every time. Their CD is on my list, and hopefully it’ll end up on yours too.

One of the Sexiest voices in Podcasting

I think I’m going to blog about specific artists regularly, I’ve already got a few in mind (and a new category too!). But a few days ago I got a surprise comment on my old entry about podsafe artists, so I’m going to make her my next feature.

Anji Bee is the lead vocalist for the Lovespirals, who have a relaxing, smooth, downtempo sound that took a while to grow on me but I’m totally hooked. They do have a page on the PMN but only one of the tracks from their 2005 album Free & Easy is available; it is however a very good example of their style and they have other tracks up as well. If you want more, there are 2-minute samples on the CDBaby page for the album – in particular tracks 1 and 4 are worth checking out.

There is a Lovespirals podcast that I haven’t listened to, but I’m a very faithful subscriber to Anji’s Chillcast (and you can see where I got the post tagline from ;)). The Chillcast is a perfect way to relax, just find somewhere comfortable and enjoy a smooth laid back selection of music in between Anji purring in your ear for half an hour.

I regularly use it to help me doze off after a long day, speaking of which I’ve had one of those so I’m going to go do that right now 😉


EDIT: To get the chillcast feed you need to visit the archives. I really hope podshow fix that soon.

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Promoting artists

I was going to make a post last week about Deep Purple and George Thorogood uploading tracks to the Podsafe Music Network via their music label, who I just noticed have today uploaded some Alice Cooper tracks.

But I didn’t, and in fact I’m not even going to link to them because I decided instead I want to start promoting podsafe artists more. Those three along with previous names like James Brown are good examples of how well-known, popular artists are waking up to how good this network is for promotion. That’s great, but I’m using them as a blatant attempt at adding more weight to my words when I say please go check out artists I link to, and encourage any bands you know to upload their tracks to the PMN 😉

The artist I’m linking today is Jenny Dalton who I first heard on a recent episode of Accident Hash. Beautiful voice, more than a little Tori Amos influence and is described thus:

She’s a twist of Tori with a splash of the Cranberries chased with a chilled glass of Kate Bush and with a tenderness and honesty all her own… Fans are taking notice, and this Minneapolis artist has prompted an outpouring of support nationally and internationally.

Not only that, but there’s a very obvious theme behind her debut CD, Fleur de Lily:

Many songs on Fleur de Lily were inspired by her relationship with a soldier through his year-long deployment to Iraq in 2005. The song “At Ease” was written after his two-week visit home in the summer of ’05, and “Iraqi Sky” was based on a dream he had during the separation.

Highly recommended, especially if you’re a Tori Amos fan. You can stream around 30sec of each track from the CD on her website, or 3 complete tracks from her PMN page. Actually I recommend going to the PMN page first, because I find complete tracks better than 30-sec snippets.

Go search for the mainstream artists on the PMN if you want. Me, I just added Jenny’s CD to my wishlist – which is starting to grow to a reasonable size again 😀