An idea in time

There’s been a lot of talk about the iWatch, but I’ve never been convinced that a simple watch would be different enough for Apple to produce one. It would need to do more than the usual bluetooth features everyone is expecting.

Then an idea hit me on the way home today.

How could Apple make a watch that isn’t just a watch? How about if it’s also the control system for the TV that Steve Jobs claimed to have finally figured out before he died?

It could be a touch screen watch that replaces the tiny iPods. The iOS 7 icons do look good on a small device. But let’s really go out on a limb.

I’m picturing a watch face that detaches from the strap and slots into the remote control somehow. The remote doesn’t connect to the TV itself, it uses a bluetooth connection via the watch.

Now you’re charging the watch, using a familiar yet advanced TV control that leverages the added connectivity and identifying to the TV who you are for personalised functions.

That sounds like the future.

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