I didn’t get around to posting it here but the features in iPhone OS 3.0 are totally worth ditching my jailbreak for. There are a lot of nice little things that I’ll miss, but nothing particularly critical.

With the update due out this week, I’ve been slowly removing my jailbreak apps. First to go was categories; while subfolders was kind of nice they were a little slow to load so I wound up just never using any of the apps in them. Whatever I’ve lost in compactness of app pages I’ll make up for in the new spotlight search.

To help this, I’ve removed a bunch of apps and games I didn’t need, and used iBlank when removing categories to force the games onto page 4 leaving blank space at the bottom of pages 2 and 3. The lack of clutter actually makes things easier to find, despite the extra page swiping necessary.

At the same time I uninstalled stack. It served a similar purpose to categories, but I only regularly used one (maybe two) of the apps. Again, spotlight will pretty easily replace what I was using this app for.

From there, the only serious apps left are SBSettings and my theme. I’m really going to miss my wood shelves background and fancy round icons, the defaults are so boring. However between the lack of background tasks running and the usual optimisation that apple put into their new OS releases, it’s going to feel like a brand new phone! šŸ˜€
(not as fast as the 3G S obviously, but still an improvement).

Once jailbreak is available for 3.0 – and given the 3.0-only updates I’ve seen to jailbreak apps it can’t be far away – I’ll probably do it again. The default settings app is just useless compared to SBSettings, and theming gives me a nicely personalised phone when everyone else can only customise their lock screen picture.

I don’t think I’ll install anything else beyond that though. Even if things like background scrobbling of tracks can’t be done in OS 3.0 without the background jailbreak daemon, who really cares when 99% of what I listen to on the phone is podcasts šŸ™‚