For all of this excitement over the new mac mini, I’ve waited 3 days to actually order one. Taking my time for large monetary decisions is something I was trained to do from a very young age (along with not owning a credit card) and it’s constantly paying off. There was some rumors that using the base model with upgraded ram automatically increased the size of the shared VRAM – and that has now been confirmed.

What that means is I save myself $260 by sticking with the 120gb drive! I can easily pick up a speedy firewire 800 drive for far less than that when I run out of room. I’m not comfortable with upgrading a machine under warranty or I’d be buying it with 1gb of ram and saving myself even more with a cheap 4gb kit.

The extra time has had other bonuses too. I’ve found someone to buy my copy of iWork ’08; I’m picking up iWork ’09 for what will work out to be very little money. I’ve also been talking to Suneth who wants to sell his apple wireless keyboard. He very generously offered to sell it to me at a large discount; the price of a new wired keyboard with numpad. Since I get free shipping by ordering it at the same time as a new machine, it’s smiles all round 😀