After much excitement in the last couple of days, the new Mac Minis have arrived. The Australian store is still down and it’s well past sleepy time for me, so I’ll just say that I’m totally buying one.

I can’t remember the exact benchmarks but I’m fairly sure that the 9400M is close enough to the video card in my desktop machine that I can move my games over to it. Plus, now that I can finally get a mini with 4gb ram I’ll be able to look at running some VMs. I’ve been avoiding that with my current box after realising that I could spare less than 1gb for a VM which always ends badly.

One of the more interesting points I noticed is that iWork ’09 is available for a discount with new machines. I’ve been putting off the upgrade because I probably won’t use many of the new features, but at that price I’ll find someone to sell my copy of ’08 to 🙂

Bring on the new TV setup!

The Australian store is kinda up, and wow the price increase for the higher spec model is nuts. It’s nearly as much as I paid for the old version after adding the AppleCare warranty. Still, I think I’ll need the extra video ram… even if I have no use for the bigger HDD.

For my American readers playing at home, the $799 you pay translates to about $1260 here. Gotta love the $140 markup we pay, huh.