In an attempt to find out just how much Apple Tax I would be paying for this new Mac Mini, I did up a quick comparison with the Dell equivalent Studio Hybrid. The results:

Dell VS Mac Mini base systems

Dell vs Mac Mini upgraded

The base system difference is $400 but after applying the upgrades I want that drops to about $360. So is the extra money worth it for:

  • OSX + iLife ’09 vs Vista
  • Decent video card vs the crappy thing I’m already using in the old model Mac Mini

Considering I want this new machine for games, signs point to yes 🙂

Speaking of price comparisons though I was disappointed to discover that iWork ’09 is $30 more expensive than iWork ’08 was. So the $30 discount with a new machine means I get to pay exactly what I paid 6 months ago. The new features may be fantastic, but I don’t think they’re worth it for me at full cost.