I’m hooked, no two ways about it. Stacks is just so cool that I have to throw a video in:

I use it in the mode pictured with 5 apps in the fan style, but you can also add more and get the grid effect. I don’t use it because the grid effect is a tiny bit slower and with my iPod button in the stack I want opening it to be as fast as possible πŸ˜‰

The highlight of the last few days was discovering that there is a ScummVM port for the iPhone. I had been using it on my DS via a flash cart but the screen res on the DS is a little low so you either use a zoom mode or put up with odd scaling issues. That’s not a problem on the iPhone πŸ˜€

All told, I’m a jailbreaker for life now. LockCalendar means that I actually take note of upcoming events (although that’s rumored for inclusion in a future firmware update), SBSettings gives me instant access to wifi/3g/airplane toggles, and Categories + Stack gives me a nice, clean, extremely quick to navigate two pages of app icons. I’ll finish with a quick update to other things I’ve mentioned previously:

  • I no longer care about losing IntelliScreen. I’ve already mentioned that LockCalendar is fine with the latest update, and StatusNotifier gives me little icons next to the battery at the top (I don’t use the big ones on the lock screen) which are more than enough to let me know when I have unread email.
  • A respring is definitely required to re-hide updated App Store apps that were previously hidden. Not a huge surprise, really.
  • My battery life doesn’t seem to be particularly affected now that I’ve gone through and removed all of the jailbreak apps that I wasn’t using – including a few that ran as background daemons. Most of my visible hacks are springboard-based addons (SBSettings, LockCalendar and Winterboard Themes) meaning the only new background task is Scrobblerd. My last.fm profile has finally started updating with things I listen to on my iPhone! πŸ™‚
  • I was quite surprised at how little difference my themes and MobileSubstrate plugins made to memory usage. Thanks to SSH access I can look at the details – I turned off all of my themes and uninstalled a bunch of stuff but the Springboard memory usage stayed around the 20-25mb I see with them on. I haven’t noticed any game slowdowns at all so I’m pretty sure none of my other apps will be affected by the jailbreak πŸ˜€
  • Bandwidth usage hasn’t been a problem. I’ve used less than 30mb in the week since I noticed the sudden increase; all of my app downloads (both jailbreak and normal) have been on wifi. Even after enabling the Google Calendar Sync and with hourly IMAP mail checking my data usage barely moved all day today.

For the record, if Apple ever add an option to view calendars on the lock screen (and scroll through events up to a week in advance) then I would consider returning to the basic firmware. I could even live without the easy 3G setting that I originally did the jailbreak for. But now that I have a constant reminder of what is on my calendar I’m actually using it and remembering upcoming events or todo items that I’ve logged in it. That’s something I’ve been trying to achieve for ages and is more valuable to me than anything else I’ve gained from the iPhone.