Things aren’t always peachy.

  • Solutions for lock screen status updates are still under investigation. Nothing really comes close to IntelliScreen for functionality, but I’m going to investigate Lock Widgets before I make a final decision. I’m really going to miss reading my mail on the lock screen if I do ditch IntelliScreen, it combines new mail updates from both of my email accounts 😦
  • The only alternative for IntelliScreen’s event list is LockCalendar and it’s a mixed bag. The 0.2 release (current when I was testing it) had some very nasty bugs. However, what was going to be a rant has turned mild after I found the developer feedback thread and discovered that a new release has just been pushed out fixing every problem I had.
  • SBSettings doesn’t play nice with the SSH server. BossPrefs had an explicit “do not start ssh server on boot” option, but now whenever my phone boots I have to remember to turn it off. I could just uninstall it – it’s an optional extra anyway – but I think having shell access to fix problems will turn out to be invaluable while I’m still learning how it all works.
  • When you upgrade an app in the App Store, and the app has been hidden, it isn’t hidden anymore. I keep using the “update all” button instead of updating one at a time, so I haven’t had a chance to find a good workaround. But it looks like a simple respring is the easiest fix.
  • I really hope I can get through tomorrow without a respring. I want to know what the battery life is like with all of this stuff running and when you reset the counter doesn’t start until you fully charge again 🙂
  • I see reports all over the place that IntelliScreen chews battery. It didn’t seem too bad to me, but I think that will be the excuse I use to stop using it and just read my email the normal way.
  • Stack is amazing and just like the real thing, but you need to combine it with iBlank to create a blank icon where the iPod button normally goes.
  • Dock is a nice idea, but I keep trying to change the category by pointing at it where currently you can only change category with your finger below the category list. Writing this off as non-intuitive and not worth running another background process for (yet).
  • Google sync (see previous post of excitement) can wait until tomorrow. I just realised that my OS X calendar syncs with Plaxo, not Google. Some Assembly Required before I turn that on. And dropping Plaxo will mean no more syncing with Hotmail (not that I really need to anymore).