This is huge

I’m in the middle of another post and was distracted reading some RSS feeds when I came across this gem. Google now supports ActiveSync for contacts and calendar πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I already sync my contacts and calendar to google but it’s only updated on the phone when I sync it with iTunes. Now I get to experience the joy that is push calendaring!

11 thoughts on “This is huge

  1. It’s better than that. Snow Leopard adds Exchange Sync support to – so now I’ll get push email on my Mac too.

    Annoyingly, I *won’t* get push email for my work email even though it’s on an official Microsoft Exchange server using the official Microsoft Entourage client. Yet a third party client can use a Microsoft proprietary protocol to talk to a third party server….

    There’s something not right there.

  2. And I just remembered one of the big limitations – you can only have one Exchange Sync account on your iPhone at a time. So I can’t have push email for home and work on my iPhone.

    Oh well.

  3. I was using NuevaSync’s service to do the same thing, but just dropped it for Google’s ‘native'(?) support.

    The only downsides of using Google contacts vs. Address Book/iTunes sync is fewer fields (no birthday or URLs, for example) and no groups. It’s still a zillion times better than my old RAZR, so I’m not complaining.

    The best part is that I haven’t plugged my phone into my computer in weeks. I’m even considering giving up on Address Book, Mail and Calendar completely.

  4. AJ: I had forgotten about Snow Leopard. This is going to be so cool, I won’t need third party hacks to sync my data anymore πŸ˜€

    The single-exchange limit is annoying but I’ll just switch to IMAP for work email since I hardly ever use it.

    Jack: I hadn’t heard of NeuvaSync until various comments about google’s service today, but I agree an official google solution is more appealing.

    I always sync my iPhone daily for podcasts so relying on iTunes sync hasn’t been a problem for me. Plus I do use Mail and iCal occasionally so it’s nice to have everything on my Mac as well.

  5. I’ve read about RSS Player, and it’s predecessor Podcaster. I don’t want to download podcasts on my phone though πŸ™‚

    I spent two and a half years syncing my iPod every night to update the podcasts, so it was no problem to switch to syncing my iPhone every day.

    Besides which I don’t use the podcast tab in the iPod. I have a bunch of smart playlists I use to listen (and the iPhone never seems to update those on the fly correctly).

  6. You guys should try out the app Sync In A Blink. It has alot of the functionality the new google active sync is missing. I was pretty excited about the new google sync too, but after trying it out, its not really that impressive (except for the push part). I like having my group syncing with Sync In A Blink.

    ajsutton is you use sync in a blink for one of your email accounts, you can still use ms exchange for work.

  7. Yeah I’m not willing to risk trying contact sync, I have at least one contact with more information than ActiveSync would give me.

    As I said though I’m quite happy with the standard iTunes / AddressBook sync for contacts. It’s the calendar OTA sync that I really wanted.

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