I’ve been resisting the whole iPhone jailbreak scene because I’m quite happy with the apps available on the app store. I haven’t had any serious needs, sure it would be cool but the hassles it introduces just didn’t seem worth it.

Then, late last week, I got to thinking about how I could extend the battery life on my phone. I realised that I don’t use 3G that much; it makes things go faster but really there is no need for it while the phone is just checking mail in the background. I turned it off on Saturday, and even with two mail accounts running (I left exchange enabled to see how it would react) the battery life was much, much better. Well over double my previous effort after a longer timeframe.

This of course presented a problem; switching 3G on and off is a painful process buried 3 menus deep in the settings app. I obviously didn’t want to leave myself in 2G mode permanently either as then I’m just using an expensive first gen iPhone. I had a suspicion that jailbreaking would fix that, and naturally it does. Enter BossPrefs.

I find it amusing that I’m jailbreaking just to give myself a 3G switch, but once I’m there I won’t be wasting the opportunity. Categories sounds like it will solve my 5-screens-of-apps problem and who can resist winterboard. And I’m curious to try IntelliScreen or maybe statusnotifier (I don’t think I can bring myself to pay for a jailbreak-only app).

I think that most of all I need to be careful before I jump in with both feet. If I get addicted to a jailbreak app there will be no turning back; I’ll be stuck waiting for the jailbreak packages before I can update to a new firmware. And updating the firmware at all sounds like a pain.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see 🙂