Chance is having a sale until the 7th of Feb. I haven’t mentioned anything about music in a while, but I highly recommend picking up a CD (or two, or all four) while they’re cheap. His music is awesome, being one of the artists I discovered through podcasts you can listen to a few of his tracks on the podsafe music network. If that doesn’t convince you well just listen to them a few more times and eventually you’ll catch on 😉

I’m also telling you about this because I can’t actually participate myself. I have his first two CDs, and would love to pick up the others (especially at half price) but his store uses paypal exclusively. Paypal’s hatred of me being as well documented as it is, I’ll just have to wait until I actually get another CD Baby order together and grab them at full price.

I don’t mind, it’s totally worth it. The music is that good.