Two years after the sale where I went crazy, Madman decided to have a 50% off everything sale. Could be a coincidence, could be an attempt to stimulate buying with the current economic situation.

I don’t really care which, I just picked up a few things šŸ˜‰
New Anime Just Arrived
(For those who are wondering, no, I haven’t been holding out on buying anime for the last two years. I just don’t tend to buy series collections at full price as they always seem a little pricey outside of sale time. I stick to the movies šŸ™‚ )

Dragon Ball is an old but good series – at 22 DVDs it made for an absolute bargain at half price. Death Note wasn’t that high on my list, and I didn’t even know that they made a Ninja Scroll series – but the other series I wanted (fullmetal alchemist) had already sold out by the time I learnt about the sale. Then I threw in a few of the Studio Ghibli movies I was missing; I don’t have all of them, but I’m pretty satisfied with my collection now.

And Chrono Trigger wasn’t part of the anime order, but my import copy did arrive at the same time. Stupid Australian release dates, I’m not waiting 2 months even if we have already waited 13 years (it was never released here on either the SNES or Playstation).