Before I delve into this, a quick screening video. If you think this guy doesn’t know his arse from his eye socket and the satellite was cut off by accident, go back to sleep. This post isn’t for you.

Do I still have your attention? If you’re the sort of person who believes that even some of what he’s saying could be true, there are some very interesting discussions over at the podcasts daily source code and no agenda. Mevio have finally added useful RSS links directly on their show pages so I don’t mind linking to them:


Now, I’m not saying that Adam is a genius. Far from it, he’s a total crackpot (and not ashamed of it) with so many conspiracy theories up his sleeve that the rabbits got bored and went home. You have to take everything he says with a mountain of salt; something around the size of mt everest per episode should do.

What he does have is an army of followers feeding him links from mainstream publications that don’t get attention. It’s one giant news aggregator. I won’t link to the aggregation site directly; that thing is information overload taken to an extreme and you could be lost for days. What Adam has turned the DSC into is discussion of the links that are posted to it.

If, now that I’ve prodded you a few times, you do check out the podcasts, you may be wondering how you’ll ever find time to listen to oddball shows that are up to and sometimes over 90 minutes. I get by in bite-size pieces. I don’t listen to regular news anymore, if you total up the shows per week it comes out to around 4 or 5 hours which suits my commute time perfectly 🙂

Oh and if you do take the plunge it is far better to combine both shows into a playlist and listen chronologically. Not only do conversation topics carry through both shows, but after the endless doom & gloom stories during the week John C. Dvorak is the voice of reason over the weekend. I’ve said before that No Agenda is good to leave in the background and pick up interesting things occasionally; I’m finding that recent shows have had a much higher ratio of topics worth paying attention to.


Personally, I’m on the fence about how much of this stuff is true. I keep listening mostly because this is a great way to get alternative news stories – helps me to keep an open mind about what’s going on in the world and give at least a passing thought to what I would do in the worst-case scenario. I have to admit though, part of it is because life is still pretty good in Australia right now and it’s darkly amusing to see how screwed the rest of the world will be if even half of the predictions are true. Not to make light of the current global problems but I can’t do anything to solve it. All I can do is hope that enough of the people who are affected wake up and start working toward actual long-term solutions.