There are posts coming, I swear

I normally try to get at least one post out per month, but the last month or so hasn’t exactly been normal. Things have been really, really busy at work – that list is from our release 2 weeks ago! While the end is vaguely in sight things are still a bit insane at the moment, so who knows when I’ll get to posting about cool stuff from what is now a two month old release 😦

Probably the biggest news in the last month is that we hired a new engineer (can’t believe nobody’s blogged that yet). Kristin is doing quite well so far – despite being the first female engineer we’ve had in about 5 or 6 years she has been gelling with the team with surprising speed. Even more surprisingly, she didn’t run screaming from some trial-by-fire bugfixing as we struggle to fit training into the current workload 😉

It’s nice to know our hiring process still works really well. Somehow we always manage to pick the people who are a match for our culture 🙂

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