When you’re in the outback, there are the obvious things that geeks miss – cell phone reception, high speed Internet (satellite isn’t too bad though). And even that stuff I can happily live without for two weeks when the intent is to relax and disconnect.

What I wasn’t expecting however was something that I didn’t miss. On our way back up to Darwin we stayed at a hotel last night. Suddenly I realised that for the first time in nearly two weeks I didn’t have to put my shoes on and walk to a nearby building to get to the toilet & shower 🙂

The holiday is almost over now. The only flights to Brisbane leave at 1am (on the same plane that just came up *from* Brisbane) so we’ve booked a budget room to get some sleep before I go.

I didn’t take a ton of photos, but I do have a few and will hopefully post them in the next week or so.