(Backdating this after I wrote it on Thursday out of phone range!)

The one thing I forgot to mention in my last post was the heat. It’s bloody cold in Brisbane so it is good to get away, but after a nice couple of high 20s days in the city, wandering around tourist spots in the bush with the sun beating down at 30+ is a bit much (that’s ~90F for my american readers, and this is late winter!)

My mum had this nice campervan setup so we had a quiet night at a van park (I’ll post pictures later). We had a powered site but were both exhausted from walking in the heat so the only power we actually used was the kettle and my phone charger 🙂

I’ve also discovered something interesting about the iPhone GPS – it finds my position nearly as fast with no cell signal out here as it does in a big city. No maps with out a data connection, but it does find my exact position and I have been bookmarking everywhere I take photos. This “assisted GPS” doesn’t help that much, the iphone must have a good chip after all 😉