After a month of hard work on the next release, I’ve just started a nice two week holiday 🙂

I’m visiting my mum – currently in Darwin, we’ll spend this week making our way south via touristy spots to hodson downs station where she’s been working this year. The second week will be really kicking back while mum works, and then head back up to Darwin for my flight home friday night.

I was quite surprised to learn that optus has a 3G network in darwin so my phone works just fine, but once we head off that will no longer be the case so I wanted to get a blog in while I think about it.

Should be a fun time, I apparently have the usual crop of computer issues mum ropes me in to look at but otherwise it will be total disconnect from the fast lane.

It’s the first real holiday I’ve had all year so I have really been looking forward to it 😀