The European public has proved they are a dangerous force to be reckoned with. After a very successful education campaign, the Lisbon Treaty is dead.

EU leaders in Brussels and governments across the union, particularly Germany and France, were stunned by the Irish verdict, which amounted to a huge vote of no confidence in the way the EU is run.

Amusingly the guardian is reporting that some parts of the EU are still trying to find a loophole:

Everything suggested that Europe’s key leaders were urgently conferring on a scheme to steamroller their blueprint through despite the Irish rejection, a course likely to trigger protest from Eurosceptics and deepen Europe’s democratic legitimacy problems.

Sounds like they already have pretty serious democratic legitimacy problems if they’re still trying to push through a document that is so obviously unpopular with the citizens they represent. It can’t be a very good idea with their next election only a year away.

On the plus side, I’m no longer worried about sounding crazy in my post a few days ago. Enough of the Irish thought we were right to vote no 🙂