Like most bloggers, I have feeds set up to keep track of when people link to me. I logged into WP this evening to fix some formatting in my last post, and on the dashboard I noticed my stats graph had a spike in traffic last week (I don’t usually pay much attention to my stats). I couldn’t see any recent links on the vanity search, I had to use referrer logs to track it down – turns out someone created a TinyURL link to my time machine post:

Obviously it would be a lot harder for Google and Technorati to index those links, and given the rise of TinyURL on twitter they may not even want to. I just thought it was interesting, and possibly something to keep in mind for anyone doing vanity searches.

Incidentally the link was posted to a couple of comment threads, you can see the list on google (skip the artisopensource link, it’s some kind of spam or hack site). I guess I should finish writing that follow up article, the time machine post has overtaken my Firefox iFrame popup post to become the second most popular post on my blog 😉