(I’m probably going to come across as a nutjob after my rant a couple of posts ago and now this. All I can say is, either I spend too much time listening to Adam Curry or the rest of the world is too lazy to care about what their politicians are doing to them. In a world that cares so much about human rights, I’ve seen no complaints about the rights that are going to be taken away.)

Two years ago, the European Constitution was blocked. This obviously annoys the politicians backing it, so what do they do? They create the “Lisbon Treaty”, bypassing the need for citizens to approve it, and use it to say “take the constitution document that the citizens blocked, add this stuff to it, and pass it without asking them”.

At first this claim sounds like paranoid conspiracy delusions but it’s all backed up with research and links to the documents. Have a go, try to read the Treaty – as soon as you hit the meat on page 10 you see that it’s nothing but amendments to the constitution document.

Oh and here’s a bunch of politcians opposed to passing the Lisbon Treaty without a public vote as far back as July last year:

Once again I’m linking to a Daily Source Code podcast, episode 764 this time. Start around 12 minutes, when Adam begins with some background (eg some EU countries have already ratified this) that is interesting but takes a while to get rolling. He then spends a full 10 minutes quoting from the document some points I have copied below, adding his interpretation in plain english examples. Now obviously there are no lawyers to confirm his statements but most of the implications are fairly obvious.

I highly recommend taking in the full 20 minute rant. I know I haven’t had much success in making any of my readers listen to stuff like this in the past, and if you don’t live in Europe you may not care, but hey at least I tried.

So here’s the articles that Adam quoted. The first point in each list is the article proper (the only bit you’re supposed to read) followed by the fine print added in an amendment. Each time it’s negated to the point where this is starting to sound like a police state.

  • No death penalty, you have a right to life.
  • If someone attacks a police officer, resists arrest, or is participating in a riot or insurrection, depravation of life is not illegal
  • States can enact the death penalty during time of war or imminent threat of war
  • Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person
  • Except that minors can be detained for the purpose of educational supervision
  • Except that you can be detained if you spread infectious diseases, are “of unsound mind”, are an alcoholic, drug addict or vagrant
  • Freedom of expression and information, right to hold and impart information and ideas
  • Excercising this freedom is subject to formalities, conditions, restrictions and penalties as is “necessary in a democratic society”. An example of when the freedom can be taken away:
    • Prevention of disorder
    • In the interest of national security
    • The protection of health or morals
    • Prevention of disclosing information received in confidence

This all goes into effect January 1st, and the only way it can be stopped is if Ireland’s referendum on the 12th of June blocks it. There is no way any other citizen in the European Union can stop it, because it’s a treaty that must be simply “ratified” rather than holding a referendum. In fact the only reason it can be stopped at all is because Ireland is the only EU country with enough independence to mandate a referendum for it.

I don’t know what else to say, other than I hope the people of Ireland understand what they’re letting themselves in for before they vote on this one. Unfortunately the entire document seems designed to avoid that, making it so complicated that people just vote yes.