Sometimes I wonder if America’s gone crazy. Luckily, there are still some sane people around and listening to those that are speaking out on podcasts says to me that eventually enough people will pay attention and they will start waking up the general public. The influence of Ron Paul over the internet generation certainly proved to me that it’s starting to happen. In any case, here are a couple of examples.

I nearly blogged about a lengthy rant from Dave Slusher when I heard it, but I slacked off and eventually forgot about it until today. At the time, I wondered why I wasn’t hearing more people speaking their mind about America’s political situation (maybe you hear it more often if you’re actually in America).

This morning I started listening No Agenda’s latest episode, and the way they talk about the stupid things going on in the world in an honest way reminded me of Dave’s rant – showing a clear passion for their country and utter disbelief at what’s happening to it. I find that No Agenda gives me the real interesting news coming out of America, with opinions that actually have half a brain behind them.

Topics I enjoyed in this week’s episode:

  • privatised jails leading to luxury jails where celebs pay for comfortable cells
  • why are we paying US$120 a barrel for oil while shell sits back and makes crazy amounts of money
  • canola is a manufactured oil, anyone talking about canola plants is talking out of their arse
  • A juicy rumor that the music business is considering a new model, advertising in music videos

Now I’ve talked about both shows before, but nobody’s ever given me feedback about listening to ’em and quite frankly, I’m not surprised. Predominately talk shows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The thing about No Agenda in particular is that you need to get past the episode length. Don’t be scared by the fact that each episode is between 60 and 100 minutes; nobody has that much time to sit around listening to a podcast. No Agenda, to me, is like a great background radio show. I put it on and continue with what I’m doing. Anything from walking home to writing a blog post (yes, I’m listening to it while writing this). Occasionally something they say will catch my attention and I refocus for a bit, or rewind if I only pick up on it in the middle of a conversation. The point is you don’t need to listen to the whole thing. There are no ads or music so it’s literally just eavesdropping on a couple of tech geeks chatting (except they actually want you to listen).

This all sounds like a waste of time; but the benefits you gain from catching the pieces that really interest you are very much worth it. Particularly if you’re like me, not an American and often wondering WTF is up with those silly people. Here’s two Americans wondering the same thing, and because they are American they’re often more informed on the topics. This leads to some very interesting opinions and discussion; not limited to Americans either but often news coming out of the UK as well.

Apparently No Agenda is generating quite a large audience, and many of them don’t know why they listen (this was mentioned a week or two ago). I think I’ve figured out why – they take the news of the week and apply proper, down to earth reasoning to it rather than the sugar coated crap that comes out of the mainstream news channels.

It’s addictive because it’s so refreshing for anyone paying attention and actually giving a crap about the state of the world.