Ace Attorney 4 coming soon! and other mindless ramblings

Having posted about my love of the Phoenix Wright series back in September last year, I was surprised when a few days ago I discovered that the english release of the fourth iteration (Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice) was due out in a few weeks and I hadn’t noticed.  I think the marketing for the game is only just starting to ramp up, with pointed release date announcements and a new dev blog.

I also had a nice surprise when ordering it from dvdboxoffice – my source for importing games that will take months to come out here, if they ever do – I had a birthday coupon code from last year that I’d forgotten about and gave me $2.50 off the order 😀


Speaking of games that aren’t scheduled for release in Australia though (did I mention I love that DS games aren’t region locked?), the other game I’ve been keeping an eye on is Professor Layton and the Curious Village.  In the last couple of weeks Wired has had coverage of both the official trailer and this cool magazine ad showing off the quality of puzzles featured in the game.  It is due out in just over a week so I ordered that to tide me over until Apollo Justice (free shipping ftw!)


On a final note that could be a new entry but isn’t really worth it, this blog has been quiet because I’ve been hard at work on the next release of EditLive! and haven’t had much to talk about.  That isn’t likely to change for at least another week or two 🙂

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