All of this stuff went into my link blog, but is interesting enough that I wanted to post about it.

However, I’m tired and have to get up early tomorrow so all you get is links 😛

Creating impossible deadlines has a tendency to be more expensive in the long run (why a game patch rendered some windows machines unable to boot)

Activision taking their Guitar Hero 3 ball and using it to screw PS3 customers out of using the controller on Rock Band

Class Action Lawsuit over GH3 sound problems on wii

The always-hilarious Yahtzee reviews Guitar Hero 3, hits the same Raining Blood wall the rest of us did and comes up with a very NSFW (but basically spot on) review

On a side note (just so this post isn’t pure links) the other day I had a go at some of the Guitar Hero 1 songs (which I’d never played), and I was amazed at how much better the note tracks were compared to GH3.  And thinking back at the GH2 songs I know and love, it’s pretty much the same thing.

I hope Activision and Neversoft hire some better musicians to produce the note tracks for GH4 because 3 isn’t any fun at the high levels.  I’m currently on set 7 of expert mode, I can only finish “Knights of Cydonia” and I don’t think I’ll ever get further than that.  I never finished the last boss battle of hard mode, and I “wussed out” of the battle with slash on expert because it was just stupid.

I could of course be proven wrong, I didn’t think “Pride and Joy” (the end of set 6) on expert was ever going to happen either but after a few days of practice I managed to pull it off.