I’ve been playing a lot of Metriod Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy in the last 3 weeks (stupid Australian release schedules) but in on Thursday I was inspired to get back into Guitar Hero and start taking on Expert mode… I’d forgotten how crap it sounds.  My ears have been spoilt by the orchestral magnificence that is the Mario Galaxy soundtrack, and the Metroid Prime series is no slouch either – it has one of my all-time favourite boss music compositions.  My favourite sig from the now-43-page forum thread about the GH3 sound issues:

Hey, Activision, the 1950s just called, they want their sound format back.

But I digress.  As reported all over the internet last night, Activision have finally acknowledged the problem and will be issuing replacement discs (since you can’t patch Wii games) in a month or two.

I think the only appropriate response to this news is “thank f#@k for that”.