I won’t be playing Guitar Hero 3 for a few days.  I can’t – I just finished the hardest song on the hard difficulty (not counting the final battle).  My verified completion of Raining Blood will sit on my profile for all to see:


I’m so proud of this.  If you’re not GH player, ignore the rest of the post; it’s geeky on a level that will bore you.


I took the game to work today (yay for the detachable guitar neck) and we spent our lunch hour with it hooked up to the projector.  Somewhere, between that and a bit of practice tonight I finally clicked back into my ability to move my left hand around and play all 5 guitar buttons properly.  I haven’t really been able to do it since deciding to playing through Medium first; playing so many easy songs all but destroyed my muscle memory for Hard.

I went from being unable to finish any songs of the 8th set to scraping through Cliffs of Dover, so I figured I was on a roll and kept playing.  Before I knew it I had 3-starred Number of the Beast… then One… and then I (as usual) failed Raining Blood.

Earlier today, I was linked this video of some guy playing RB expert with a midi drum kit.  Now the point where everybody I know fails this song is 40%  – 1:07 on the video, officially called Mosh 1 but I call it “the mess”.  It’s not quite as bad on Hard mode, instead of quad pull-offs it has triplets so it doesn’t use the green button.  In other words, you basically just need to hold the red button and mash alternating triplet pull-offs with your other 3 fingers.  What makes it nearly impossible however is the fact that you have to strum at the beginning of each triplet.

Having watching the drum kit video earlier today I realised that if I could pass the mess the rest of the song would probably be cake.  So after a confidence boost re-run through Cliffs of Dover…

I did it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The way I managed that insanity is a technique I used to play Cliffs of Dover.  Dover’s GBG GBR GBY GBG bridge section where you strum 1 & 3 of the triplets took me about half an hour of practice to get right, and a similar technique let me keep the strum beat of the mess in RB while creatively mashing my fingers in the 4-3-2 / 3-2-1 sequence.  I think there was quite a bit of luck involved, I was flashing red by the end of it and despite recovering I think I flashed red in at least 2 other spots.


I don’t think I’ll be playing that song again for a long time πŸ™‚