In the last couple of weeks I’ve started listening to a new show from two of the more recognisable names in the podcast universe – John Dvorak and Adam Curry – called No Agenda.  It’s a nice return to the podcast days of old; no jingles, no music, no ads (except the usual podshow/limelight tail) and, funnily enough, no agenda of topics the show will cover.

Normally I wouldn’t post just because I’ve found a cool new show, but these guys have been talking about some really interesting stuff.  Here are two of their topics that I was tempted to blog about, but to be honest I wouldn’t be saying anything that wasn’t already said on the show.

  • American Thought Crime Prevention Bill – although depending who you ask people may be overreacting to this one
  • Dutch backpackers who overstayed their Tourist Visa due to illness and wound up in a Texas prison for six weeks (article in Dutch here, you can either get a basic translation from something like the fish or listen to Adam translate the major points on the show).

So far, the show seems to mostly revolve around topics they think need more attention in the news.   That’s not really surprising given their backgrounds, but it means that if you do give it a try you may hear some stuff you wish you hadn’t (and I’m not talking about their language 😉 )