I mentioned in my post last night that I was keeping an eye on this Guitar Hero forum thread claiming the Wii version was producing Mono sound.  I now have news to report from said post.

If you’re using the Wii version, ever notice how when you activate Star Power it sounds like shit?  It’s just been confirmed that you’re not hearing what the developers intended (which I could’ve told you, having played the 360 demo numerous times).

One of the New Zealand players had enough of all this talk and plugged his Wii sound output into his PC.  Late last week he came up with some basic proof that looked pretty solid but last night he hit the jackpot.  At the bottom of that image you can see the guitar and band in mono, while the crowd sounds (of all the things that could possibly work) are in stereo.

People have been submitting this bug to Activision and Red Octane ever since the US release 2 weeks ago, so now all we can do is play wait and see.  I’ll be surprised if they don’t find a way to fix this; the box clearly advertises Dolby Pro Logic II sound so if they don’t fix it they can, at the very least, get brought up on false advertising charges.

I have until Friday to decide if I want to return the game, but that won’t get me my $125 back with EB only offering exchange or store credit.  I think I’d rather live with it and hope for a replacement, there aren’t any other games coming that I want (and I’ve already pre-ordered Mario Galaxy at a different store).