I didn’t really want to pick up Guitar Hero 3 yet.  Metroid Prime 3 was released on the same day due to Nintendo Australia’s dodgy release schedules, and for once I wanted to at least try finishing one game before buying another.  By Friday afternoon though I’d had a very long week and felt like kicking back with some Guitar Hero and a shiny new toy seemed like the best option.

I could’ve sat down with GH2, but it has become less interesting to me now that it would take weeks of practice to finish any more songs on Expert.  This isn’t a case of laziness; it’s a case of I don’t own the game so when I eventually move elsewhere all that effort would be wasted.

The game itself is great, I’m having a lot of fun and if you want you can follow my progress in their fancy new online profile system.  If you own the game I’ll happily add you as a friend so we can play some songs together.  However, if you have access to any other next-gen system I don’t know why you’d bother getting the Wii version.

Nick mentioned to me earlier that he was surprised how pixellated the graphics were, and as soon as I got into the first song I could see what the problem was.  What we have here is not a Wii game, it’s a PS2 game ported to the Wii with some extra shine attached.  Quite a few of these have been released (particularly early Wii games) but it’s a bit pathetic for a game this big to take such a lazy attitude to development on a system that’s been out for 12 months.  The only thing this version has going for it is not requiring separate batteries for the guitar (thanks to integrating the remote) and some gimmicky vibration for star power.

The sad thing is that it doesn’t matter how bad it looks; this game will sell like hotcakes, as did the previous releases.  From most reports the Wii version is already sold out all around Australia, I was lucky to find 1 copy left at my local EB.

Having said all that, the graphics don’t technically matter.  You still get the same note charts appearing at the same distance as the other versions, and it sounds fine (although I’m keeping an eye on reports that we’re only getting mono sound on the Wii, an unforgivable transgression for a music game).

I’m still going to enjoy this game a lot, and play it to death like the Guitar Hero fan I am.  It’s just that at the end of every song, I have to watch blocky PS2 models do stilted end-of-song dances in front of a zombie audience when I know the Wii can do better than that.

I really hope they use some of the bucketloads of cash they’re going to make off this game to develop a proper Wii version for Guitar Hero 4.