In the many months of using Vista, I’ve seen quite a few applications crash. Every time, the “checking for solutions” dialog amused me because it never found anything.  It was no more than a pretty update to the big XP error dialog.

Well tonight Explorer decided to crash for the usual I’ll-never-understand-why reasons, and lo and behold a little balloon appeared above the system tray offering to fix my issue.  The dialog that it opened was typically microsoftified making it far too difficult to find the link it was offering me, but once I found it I didn’t care.  It’s a seriously cool update, with a raft of startup improvements and a few stability boosts thrown in for good measure.

There have been quite a few Vista updates that are released as mere updates and not pushed out on Windows Update; they obviously want to make a splash with SP1 for users that don’t know where to look.  I can’t find the site that listed them, so here’s the ones I have installed.  Normally I would just list the numbers and let you find them yourself, but we have a new Vista box at work and I want to put the updates on it 😉 (the one listed above)

Enjoy!  I recommend installing all 5, unless you really want to wait for SP1 to make Vista play nice.


EDIT: KB article 941649 is “not currently available”, the download for it is here.