I promised a post about some recent news, and it’s coming – but I had an interesting link planned that doesn’t quite fit with the topic.  It’s too old to put on my link blog, so it has to go here 🙂

This morning I stumbled upon an interview with an ex-kernel developer.  In it, he describes just how disconnected Linux kernel developers are from the market they’re trying to hard to capture, and how that affects everything from performance to compatibility.  This guy was making patches to fix the problems, but they were all rejected because they had to slightly compromise server performance.  Unless something drastic happens, Linux will never challenge Windows for the desktop.

It’s a bit sad, but the reality is that it takes a lot of money to build a good consumer OS and when all the money invested in Linux comes from the enterprise all they pay for is enterprise features.  Apple understands that, but Linux nazis trying to convert the average user seem to have missed the memo.