I didn’t plan to go a month between posts.  It was already creeping up to week or two between each brain dump which is slower than I’d like, but sometimes blogging just isn’t very high on my list of things to do.

At the start of August I fell sick.  I look after myself enough that I don’t tend to catch the yearly colds – only on rare occasions have I needed a day off work.  This flu however has been going around Brisbane and knocking everybody flat; it took me 5 days to recover.  Two of those were on a weekend so I only had 3 days off work, which is lucky because we’ve been quite busy.

That brings me to the reason I haven’t posted in the 3 or so weeks since then; work has been a bit crazy and I’m either too tired or just too lazy to make the effort.  I think we’re getting it under control, which will hopefully inspire some more posts.

So why did I pick today to return?  Stay tuned – some recent news has inspired me to get off my arse and start posting again.  I’m back, baby.