Matthew Ebel live in concert

One of my favourite artists, Matthew Ebel, has a habit of performing in Second Life.  I can’t remember the whole story, but he records all of his music digitally and at some point discovered that his setup was ideally suited to streaming an online performance.  Well, now one of his recent concerts is available in a podcast.  It’s called the Virtual Thirst Concert, performed as part of a coke advertising campaign in Second Life.  There is no lead-in voiceover, no lead-out, no interruptions.  Just two hours of great music, and some banter with people you can’t hear (because they’re chatting in Second Life šŸ˜‰

If you like what you hear, and don’t pick it up from the many many times it’s mentioned during the concert, you can download more of Matthew’s life stuff at Virtual Hot Wings.  It’s a collection of songs he’s performed in Second Life, including a few concerts.  Something like 7 hours of music, for US$20.  I’d buy it myself but they only take paypal and my issues with that are more than well documented šŸ˜¦

There are plenty of cover songs in the concert, which would normally be illegal; the whole thing is podcasted thanks to the Financial Aid Podcast who recently acquired ASCAP/BMI licenses to play cover music.  The first episode of their Student Loan Radio editions using the license was hosted by CC Chapman – that is also a very cool show.  With 3 episodes of what they’re calling the “Covercast” out so far it looks like the licenses will get good use which I’m looking forward to.  Unfortunately there’s no radio-only subscription feed, I may have to create one using yahoo pipes or something.  I’m not interested in the main FA podcast but cover songs from podsafe artists are right up my alley.

5 thoughts on “Matthew Ebel live in concert

  1. You can also buy Virtual Hot Wings in Second Life, and you can send a check to Matthew Ebel Entertainment for $20.

    As listed on

    Matthew Ebel Entertainment
    612 Kendrick Ct
    LaVergne, TN 37086

    Just make the memo out to Virtual Hot Wings Purchase.

    Regarding the Financial Aid Podcast, if there’s enough interest, I’ll be happy to split out Student Loan Radio as its own feed.

  2. Thanks for the throught Chris, but I’m in Australia – physical cheque (as we spell it :P) would be taxed with so many fees it’s not worth it for $20.

    Also, I’ll have to double check but I thought you had to subscribe to SL to buy cash in-world which is why I didn’t mention that option.

  3. Spyder,

    Just a note to let you know that you shouldn’t have to subscribe to buy cash in Second Life. You would have to register a CC but do not have to purchase a premium account for Linden dollar purchases.

    Email me and we’ll find a way to work it out for you to make the purchase. šŸ™‚


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