I’ve been catching up on some music podcasts this week, and once again I heard a song that I loved so much I put it at the top of my “buy this stuff you fool” list.  This happens a lot, but it’s such a good song that I can’t help myself.  I have to post about it.

I found it on an episode of StarCAST from a few weeks ago.  The track is called Misery Business, by Paramore.  Courtesy of their website, here’s the video:

YouTube has counted nearly 5.4 million views in 2 months, which does not surprise me.  I’ve watched it at least 5 times myself (including the performance edit) while looking for places to buy the album.  This track is addictive.  Reminds me of My Little Radio, who I love.

Normally, music on my list goes in eMusic’s “save for later” list, but unfortunately Fuelled By Ramen records doesn’t list any tracks on eMusic.  (This is probably a good thing, at 40 tracks a month I’ve already queued up 2 months worth of purchases).

I was slightly annoyed at having to pay $17 for the album on iTunes, then I noticed that their online store has 192kb MP3 album downloads as well as the CD shipments.  For $11.  BONUS! 😀

I’m now the proud owner of Riot!, or at least I will be if it ever downloads.  Whenever the internet goes flaky in San Francisco, we Australians really feel the pinch because that’s the area that our primary link to the world connects to.

It started out at around 20kb/sec but it’s dropped to 15 – an hour for one 60mb album download is annoying.  Maybe I’ll go watch the video a few more times…

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