My Little Radio CD is available

In case you hadn’t realised from the five or six times I’ve mentioned them, I’m a huge fan of My Little Radio.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on their music for about 18 months.  I first heard they were going to record an album in Feb 2006, then early this year there was news they’d finally released it – but no mention of where to buy it.  Turns out, I should’ve checked their myspace page more often because they announced such things over a month ago!

After digging up links for my previous post, I noticed an entry on My Little Radio’s myspace blog titled “Updates on the album“.  This made me very happy ðŸ˜€

Unfortunately, out of the options currently available I can only access iTunes and eMusic (it doesn’t seem to be available on CDBaby yet).  That would’ve been good to know at the start of July – my eMusic quota doesn’t roll over again until the beginning of August, so I’m stuck waiting a week for it 😦

Oh well.  I’ll just have to keep myself occupied listening to Paramore (the album finished downloading btw, it rocks!) and listening to MLR tracks on the PMN.

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