If you’re not into talk of the music industry failing from my last post, maybe you’ll be interested in the problems surfacing in the TV industry.  I’m going to be pointing once again at a Daily Source Code episode from Adam Curry – whether you like him or not he did work for MTV and has a fair bit of experience with both fields.

DSC 637 (warning: some nsfw language) is focussed on a TV controversy unfolding in the UK (and incidentally starts with one of my favourite songs about podcasting).

A week ago, it came to light that the BBC released some fabricated footage involving the Queen.  They quickly apologised, but it hasn’t ended there.  Partly because they did it to the Queen, and partly because the BBC is funded by the public (via a mandatory fee from all television holders), people are digging into the deception far deeper than anyone has before with some definite results.

What Adam has a clip of, and provides experienced commentary on, is an interview first with the chairman of the BBC, then with an ex-chairman of the BBC and a TV producer.  The TV producer is the one that stands up for the truth and rips a few shreds off of the BBC – stating, on the record, that this sort of fabrication has been happening since TV was first invented and anyone saying otherwise (which the other two both do repeatedly during the interview) is lying through their teeth.

If you do listen to the interview, go back and re-read at the article I linked above.  Note that it was a week ago, and both of these guys say the much the same thing as they did in the interview – passing the deception off as a recent trend – but the lies are slowly being exposed and it’s going to be fun to watch.

It often amazes me the stuff people will believe on TV, but if this news picks up steam it could change all that and do some serious damage in the process.  Adam, of course, is trying his hardest to make it happen and offer independent media to fill the gap.  If he gets his way, not only the UK but the US as well will start to find out things about their TV shows (and radio stations) that they might not have believed were possible.

And if you don’t believe me, listen for a few anecdotes from Adam’s own past with MTV and various radio stations.  Absolute, total, and deliberate deception.  He’s asked for people from his diverse listener base to call in with similar accounts, which will means the next episode or two of the DSC should be quite interesting.

I won’t bore anyone with further updates on the situation, you’ll have to subscribe to the DSC to hear more.  I will leave you with something Adam links to at least once a year, the Zen TV Experiment.  Once you try it, I doubt you’ll look at TV in the same way again 🙂