There’s been a lot of talk going around about the death of internet radio and the effect it’s going to have on the music industry.  Scoble half gets it – although he seems a bit concerned about what will happen to music if/when internet radio is shut down.  The main point that Scoble doesn’t get, and that I pointed out in his comments, is there are sources of music that have already routed around the new fees under the “free by prior arrangement” clause.  This is because people have been routing around the mainstream music industry for nearly 2 years now – the RIAA and their ilk have been singing their own death tune since napster, the second verse started with the birth of what is now known as “podsafe music”. They just didn’t, and don’t, realise it.

Now normally I would’ve left that as a small comment on Scoble’s blog and not given it much thought.  I’ve all but given up on convincing people that I’m as right about this as I was about podcasts[1].

Today though, I heard some interesting talk on the recent Fubar Friday DSC episode.  If you enjoy music I recommend taking an hour of your life and listen to what’s been happening in the podsafe industry as well as their upcoming plans.  Aside from some awesome music, you’ll hear Adam explaining that Podshow hasn’t been sitting back watching their Podsafe Music Network baby grow – they’ve been actively seeking out artists and labels who “get it”.  They’ve been doing this for a while, but with the Internet Radio changes there are some bigger independent labels who are looking for new ways to promote their music.

I’m probably not explaining it well enough, as usual.  If my past record is any indication, anyone reading this who isn’t already into podsafe music will just ignore what Adam’s saying and keep on listening to the same old stuff.  I don’t expect you to trust me on this, but I’ll see ya in a year or two when the world wakes up to the independant music revolution.

Artists are starting to realise that they don’t need a record contract.  You can have real and meaninful connections to fans while making as much, if not more money than you would on a label contract – by going independent and using internet marketing to it’s full potential.  I have been watching this happen for 2 years, and I’m as confident in this becoming a revolution as I was about podcasting and the Nintendo DS.  Will you be ready for the new music world when the big labels die?

[1] Oh great, now I’ve started using footnotes too hehe 😀
There are a few decent radio stations in Australia so very few people listened to me 3 years ago when I tried to tell them about this amazing new thing called podcasting.  I’ve told everyone I know that independent music is the future – very few mainstream artists can beat the podsafe music I’m hearing on podcasts and slowly but surely those that can are becoming podsafe too.  It’s already happening, but just like when podcasts first started it hasn’t yet cracked the mainstream audience.