Downloading podcasts in iTunes just became a whole lot less annoying.

For the last year or so, every time I updated iTunes I was watching it like a hawk.  Any time there was more than one episode of a podcast to download I stopped it and re-ordered the downloads.  This, as you might imagine, sucks.

You see like most normal people with a stack of podcasts to listen to, I’ve created smart playlists.  And since I prefer to listen to the oldest episodes first, I had them all sorted by “date added”.  This works well until you download two podcast episodes in reverse order at which point you’re screwed.

I don’t know if it was added recently, but I just discovered that iTunes has a “release date” sort option  It only shows the day, but it sorts exactly down to the minute.  And now I don’t care if I download 15 episodes of a new show newest to oldest, they will appear in my playlist oldest to newest 😀

I still have to watch out for iTunes occasionally downloading shows that are months old, that hasn’t changed; but they’ve slowly been improving as they keep upgrading iTunes and the few times it does happen it’s fairly easy to delete them.