You may remember 3 months ago I posted about my new-found love of Scott Sigler novels.  At the time I was midway through his third novel, Infection, and the ending of it was brilliant.  On a side note, when I finished that his fourth book was still in progress so I took a side trip through some content from Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff – first Shadow Falls, then Shadow Falls Badlands, and finally Number One with a Bullet.  All excellent material that I highly recommend, but this isn’t a post about them.  It’s a post about the awesome addictive power of Scott Sigler.

I finished his fourth book on Saturday night; 3 weeks to the day from when I started.  For a 27 episode story I think that set a new record for me, his work just keeps getting better and better and I couldn’t stop listening as I became drawn into the story.  This time Scott went all out with added sound effects and it really helped set the mood for each episode.

I’ve known this day was coming, of course.  I spent 3 months with a fix ready on my iPod whenever I needed it, laughing at all the poor little junkies who called in with difficulty waiting a week (or more, in some cases) for their next hit.  Laughing, but not too hard because I knew it wouldn’t be long before I became one of them.

So it’s official, I am now a complete Scott Sigler junkie.  And I know that when Scott reads this, he will be saying “yeeeesssssss, yeeeeeeeeeesssssss!” in his evil I-am-taking-over-the-world voice.


If you like American football at all, you will love The Rookie.  Guaranteed.  3 weeks ago I hated American football, but gave the story a shot because I enjoyed Scott’s first 3 books so much.  Now however, like all of Scott’s other international listeners, I could sit down in front of a game and actually have a clue about what’s happening, why the ball went where it did and with a little luck even be able to tell you which pass route the offence just used.  Anyone who already knows that stuff will wind up like many of the junkie callers.

There were tales of people screaming for the touchdowns, going wild for come-from-behind wins and generally acting like fans of their real football team.  I even heard one caller who doesn’t like science fiction at all but still enjoyed the story immensely.  It’s no wonder that when his Ancestor print novel was released the junkies pushed him so high on the Amazon listings that he landed a 3 book deal with Crown Publishing Group.

My only problem now is how to fill the gap until Scott’s next novel.  I’ve been hearing very good things about 7th Son by JC Hutchins so with any luck that will keep me going for a while (2 books of the trilogy complete with the third due to start in a couple of months).  I also can’t call myself a junkie without buying the Earthcore and Ancestor print novels from Amazon, giving me another couple of options.

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