We’re trying a new idea at work this week to help keep our customer support at the high quality level we are so proud of while avoiding the turnover that inevitably comes from putting really smart people on your support team.  Starting today, we are introducing a support rotation schedule that will have one of our developers on the support team at all times, and we rotate at the end of every release.  As well as avoiding support burnout, this will hopefully make sure we actually stick to the short release cycles we have planned.

I’ve known this was coming for a while, and I’ve been preparing.  My 3.5 years in support + development for our ActiveX product before switching to full-time dev on the Java Product taught me all too well that to survive, I need about 4-6hrs a day of music to listen to depending on the load.

As a result, I haven’t listened to much (if any) of my podsafe music podcasts in 3 weeks.  They’ve been sitting on my iPod, staring at me every time I search for something to listen to.  Staving off the cravings has been difficult, to the point where last week I actually stopped the podcast I was listening to and started playing regular music from my iPod – something I’ve never had to resort to at work since I discovered podcasting.  But it was all worth it, my “music podcasts” playlist is now close to 18hrs πŸ˜€

With an emphasis on pair programming for big bugfixes I’m going to say I’ll only need 4hrs/day during my time in support, and accounting for new material produced as I’m catching up this stash should last me at least 2-3 weeks.  By that time there will be new episodes of my trance podcasts to see me through and if for some reason I manage to catch up completely there is a list of music podcasts longer than my arm to choose from.

And yes, this is supposed to sound like an addiction.  If you’ve read my previous posts on the topic, that shouldn’t come as a surprise πŸ˜›