A changelog that rivals FeedDemon releases

One of the funniest things about most FeedDemon releases is the changelog.  Nick always includes so many fixes that his changelogs are some of the longest I’ve ever seen.

Well Ephox just one-upped that with our latest minor update release, EditLive! 6.1.  We wound up skipping our February patch release to concentrate on some bigger features, and then in the last few weeks the engineers were given free reign to attack our bug list and knock over as many as possible.

Our open bug count is now the lowest it’s been since July 2002 (and we’ve only been tracking since May 2002)!

I’m really happy with this release, some of the fixes have come out of an integration we’ve been working on (more details on that later) and these will flow through to anyone else attempting to integrate with the editor.  We haven’t been dogfooding our integration APIs as much as we have the core editor, and it showed with a number of bugs cropping up and features we were missing.

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